04 January 2008

Two must-sees

Check out my new ride. Think I'll be able to parallel park it on the streets of New York?

Check out the new issue of Hobble Creek Review. There's some damn good stuff in there.


Justin Evans said...

That ride is so awesome! You are so going to own AWP this year!

Thank you for the shout-out for HCR. You are really great for helping me to get the word out to everyone.

Penultimatina said...

Yeah, it's just a joke. I really drive a Toyota Corolla... ;)

Congrats on the new issue!

P. J. said...

O Bee! You would unwittingly crush the pelvises of every jaywalker and wayfarer in Akron, driving that monster, mostly because I bet you couldn't see over the dash. But it would give you the opportunity to wear a CAT trucker hat. I miss the cute Saturn.

New kitteh pix at my journal. It's down to boy cats v. girl cats. You were right: Buddy Cow-Cat is fatter because he's got more personality.

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