19 February 2008

Don't let it hit you in the...

Here's my office door. Not many people will be waiting outside it today, because the U is observing Presidents' Day, and classes are cancelled. My piles of work aren't cancelled, however, so I am here. Am I the only one STILL not recovered from AWP? Please tell me I'm not.

Taught the fifth graders with The Colt this morning. What is it about grade schoolers that totally exhausts me? Maybe it's all the screaming I have to do to get them to listen. I could never teach another level than college. I'd be hoarse.

Check out poems by Jessica Jewell and Jennifer Sullivan at Wicked Alice. Way to represent the NEOMFA, y'all!

It's lonely here today. I keep waiting for Jay R to get back from class so he can talk to me, only he's not here today. So I just keep waiting.

Sent some poems out yesterday. I don't simultaneously submit any more, so whoever gets them should feel extra special (and take one, two).

One silver lining: on my to-do list today is write a poem. I gave my MFA workshop the assignment of finding a poem that's 30+ years old, and making it new by either writing an imitation or a poem inspired by the original. I already did this once, but I want to do it again. So I think I will. I think.


Sara said...

Mary, I will come talk to you. Gotta use the printer. ;-)

Penultimatina said...

I'm in here!

Steven D. Schroeder said...

I think I'm still not over it. I just got rid of my cough a couple days ago, even. You're not alone.

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