When one just isn't enough.

Check out Matthew Thorburn's poem from Barn Owl Review today, featured on Verse Daily.

I'm telling you, this issue is hot stuff.

Coming soon on the BOR blog: more book reviews, and interviews with contributors to BOR #1, particularly folks who haven't published books yet. Sara Tracey will be doing the interviews, so give her a holler if you're interested, and a contributor to BOR #1.


How cool! I just saw this on their website!
Penultimatina said…
Yay MQT!
Debbie said…
Wow! Daily Barn Owl review is better than vitamins! I've been carrying it on BART w/ me everyday and reading while I get to work. Congrats on a great first issue.

BTW, USPS Parcel Post tore up the envelope and mangled one of my contributors copies, and I noticed that the cost to mail it (at least out to California) was about the same as flat-rate priority mail (with free mailers from USPS), so maybe that might work out for the budget for future issues.

With Adam Clay and Sandra Beasley upcoming, I suspect you'll be very happy at least once more... :)
Penultimatina said…
Debbie, I am so glad you like it, and thanks for the postage tip. Mean parcel post. :( I am going to send you a new copy to replace that mangled one.
Debbie said…
Thanks, Mary :)