14 February 2008

Valentine's Day highlights

My fabulous poetry student Rachel Roberts gave me a mad lib Valentine. It was the highlight of my morning.

Then I ate more cherry Hershey kisses than I'd like to remember. But let's not talk about that right now.

In the afternoon, my colleague Eric Wasserman and I kicked off the NEOMFA student colloquium by giving a talk called Secrets of Small Press Publishing. Let me tell you--it was hot! And well attended, even though pesky Chelsea Clinton was downstairs from us, talking about her mom or something. Like, whatever.

See, I'm wearing red to be festive.

Now it's Valentine's Day night, and I am doing laundry, writing a grocery list, and blogging. What a glamorous life, this whole midwestern poet thing.


Meagan said...
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Meagan said...

Since when is spelunking a noun? I mean that seriously because I posted a comment complaining that it wasn't a noun, but then I looked it up and the dictionary claims it is. I think it's a conspiracy.

Jennifer Sullivan said...

Sorry I missed your talk. I will have to have someone fill me in. Happy V Day.

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