News flash(es)!

I have three new poems up at P.F.S. post. Go check 'em out.

There are two fantastic readings coming up at the University of Akron, as part of our Literary Arts Series.

TODAY, Thursday, March 27th
Poets Cate Marvin and Jay Hopler read at the UA Martin Center, 5:00 pm. A book signing and buffet reception will follow.

Monday, March 31st
NEOMFA faculty members Mary Biddinger and Michael Dumanis, and visiting poet Zachary Schomburg, will read at the UA Student Union room 335, 5:00 pm. Book signing to follow. This reading is co-sponsored by the UA Literary Guild, Barn Owl Review, and the Cleveland State University Poetry Center.

These events are free and open to the public, so stop on by if you can!


Jay Robinson said…
As you know, I like those three poems. It's not to see them up somewhere. You rock.
Jay Robinson said…
When I said "not" I meant "nice", that was a typo.
Penultimatina said…
Jay, not doesn't equal nice, you know.

Justin Evans said…

Fantastic news and very fine poems!

I envy you for being able to write in couplets. I have failed miserably every time I try to write couplets.

Have a good time at the readings.

Amy said…
Oh! I thought you were reading today! I can come Monday...
Good stuff as always, Mary. I wish I could make the readings...
John Gallaher said…
I wish I could be there for that trifecta. That would be a very nice evening.

My regards to all.
Jodi Nicole said…
Mary! I love "Where We Went from Here." That's all.