23 April 2008

Crystal ball.

I predict that in a couple of weeks, things won't be so busy around here. After the open mic tomorrow, I'll have no more speaking-type engagements until mid-May. That isn't a long time. But it's enough to help me recuperate. I like getting up in front of crowds. There's too much of a good thing sometimes, though.

The reading period for the Akron Poetry Prize is just around the corner. Rita Dove is judging. Folks who have submitted before, please note that I've changed the guidelines so that we no longer request double-spaced mss. Check out some of our current titles here.

I don't mean to whine, but I really wish I had the time to write a poem right now. I have this great lyric poem of major importance (hyperbole, maybe) percolating in my head, and no time to write it. But I predict that soon it will emerge.


Jay Robinson said...

I predict that the poem will arrive tomorrow. And it will take you 22 minutes to write the first draft. That's what my crystal ball says anyway.

Penultimatina said...

I predict that crystal balls will figure prominently in your next production of LEAR, which will also be 22 minutes long.

Jodi Nicole said...

I'm angry with you, Miss Mary! Recently, all I've wanted was a crystal ball, and you've selfishly kept yours from me. I thought we were friends, Mary. I thought we were friends.

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