31 May 2008

Call for submissions: Barn Owl Review

At the stroke of midnight, Barn Owl Review will begin taking submissions of poetry, fiction, and (gasp!) critical prose, for issue #2. Submission guidelines are here.

You might be wondering what that critical prose thing is all about. Wondering if we've lost our collective mind, and will be eschewing fine poems and stories so that we can publish thesis-driven argumentative essays about Lear, or Derrida's underpants, or the presence of earlobes in Pride and Prejudice. You should know us better than that.

Poetry and fiction guidelines remain basically the same. Here's the scoop on the essays:

Submit critical work (5,000 w. maximum) to the attention of Adam Deutsch (yes, that Adam Deutsch, who is also joining as a poetry editor). We're specifically interested in essays on craft and the writing life as well as explorations into the culture and larger contexts of creating art in the contemporary world. Though usually considered to be solely produced by academia, the ideas expressed in these pieces are not under the ownership of any educational institution. We encourage and welcome prose of the vocational academic as well as the blue-collar scholar and those guided by the production of art, regardless of the notions of tenure tracks, book sales, and/or the prevailing winds of fickle audiences. That being said, please use MLA format for citations in this work.

BOR#2 will be released at AWP 09 in my hometown of Chicago, where we will be sharing a table with nobody and nothing but a bunch of issues (of the journal) and a super-spooky installation.

So send us your work, and spread the word! This issue's going to be even better than the last, and the last one was pretty damn good.


Steven D. Schroeder said...

If you do want prose about Derrida's underpants, I can try to write some.

("Blue-collar scholar" is an excellent phrase.)

P. J. said...

If you want Derrida's actual underpants, say the word. I've been known to be seduce-y when called upon. The secret is to deconstruct his zipper after plenty of booze.

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