04 June 2008

Half way there.

Here's today's sky. Can you tell how humid it is just by looking? Does it make your hair frizz as badly as mine does?

Cloudy days make me feel funny. Like the sky is just too low, and I might bump into it.

I've been feeling inspired again lately, and it's a good thing (because I was starting to worry, after the rapid-fire poems, followed by nothing) and a bad thing (because I have papers to grade, and a zillion other things to do).

Half-way through the summer term, as of today. I hope the rest of the summer doesn't go by this quickly.

In the meantime, they made this awesome movie based on my book. How flattering! Ha ha.

Last night I went to bed around 8:30 pm, and it was fantastic, except for the times I woke myself up to tell myself what good sleep I was getting. Kind of counter-productive, right?

I need to borrow someone's video camera so I can tape my kids performing the "Go Obama" song and dance that they have created. It's fantastic.

One thing I do not have a shortage of: reading material.


Karen J. Weyant said...

Well...it does look like the movie stars Kevin Sorbo...:)

Jay Robinson said...

Much of that movie seems to have been based on the poem, "A Western."

Also, did you see how hot it's supposed to get over the next couple of days? All this humidity is starting to make me feel like I never moved away from Missouri.

Penultimatina said...

Perhaps I should sue! It is clearly a direct transcript of "A Western."

Jay, I may need to get my ac checked out.

Jay Robinson said...

I'm pretty handy with fixing air conditioners. Give me a call.

Kelli said...

too funny about the movie!

But I love this review--

Prairie Fever is a movie about an alcoholic ex-sheriff who agrees to escort two allegedly crazy women across the prairie to a train station...

***so would you be of these so-called *crazy* women? ;-)

Penultimatina said...

Well, there's definitely the alcoholic sheriff in my version of Prairie Fever. I take issue, however, with the fact that the speaker is obviously not enough "crazy woman" to go around.


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