Greetings from ghost town.

It's that odd week between spring semester and summer 1, and I'm here catching up and being lonely. In past years I enjoyed the quiet, but this year it's bothering me. I'm not sure what that means. I still have a lot of photocopying and syllabus writing to do this week, along with fun stuff for the Press. You'd think that fewer people would mean fewer distractions and better productivity, but for me the opposite is true.

Tomorrow's my birthday, and I think it's going to be a crummy one.

Okay, I will now purge this entry of negativity and speak only of happy things!

Gary has some good news over here. Many congrats to you and FDR!

Jen and Amy just got some poems picked up. Hooray!

Finally we're getting most of the NEOMFA posse on Facebook. Did you also know that you can become a fan of the University of Akron Press over there? We won't send you a million messages or anything. We just want to be loved! And to showcase our new titles.

Speaking of the UA Press, please note two changes I've made to the Akron Poetry Prize guidelines. Manuscripts should be single spaced, not double, and we now accept manuscripts of 48+ pages (formerly 60-100). More info here. This year's judge is Rita Dove. Other manuscripts submitted for the poetry prize may also be considered for publication in the series.

Ordered our AWP table for Barn Owl Review, and got totally confused by the website and ended up, I think, ordering it twice. Damn it. But at least we're going! We aren't sharing space with the Akron Series in Poetry this time, either, which will leave room for the twig and owl pellet installation I dreamed up for last year. Hold the pellets, of course.


Why is the birthday going to be crummy? Do you need a clown fish to come over and tell you a couple jokes?
Penultimatina said…
It's just a strange time of year.

Nobody's around!

Not very festive.

Maybe I just need a big saltwater tank in my office...
jeannine said…
Oh, happy birthday! I'm wishing you a good day tomorrow, bright sunshine and cupcakes etc!
This unhappy birthday nonsense is not an acceptable state of affairs. What must be done to correct it?
Artichoke Heart said…
Happy almost birthday . . . with a crumminess-ectomy, of course! I'm very much in favor of big saltwater tanks in offices. Also? I have to admit that I would be hopelessly tractor-beamed-in by any sort of owl pellet schwag, sad to say!
Only if there's a real mouse skeleton in it.
Penultimatina said…
I'll start scavenging right away!

Thanks, you guys!

Steve, I think a combination of gummi worms and birthday lashings would do the trick.
Sara said…
I wish I had known you were in the office--I picked up the last of my stuff today and only got to say goodbye to Thelma and Carol! Not that I won't see you this summer, but it was my last day down the hall from you. : (

I hope you cheer up and have a kick ass birthday tomorrow. I'll send some Chicago-style love your way.
happy b-day, mary!
Karen J. Weyant said…
Happy Birthday! No one should have a yucky birthday...
nate said…
If all else fails, I'm sure some restaurant will give you a free slice of cake... :-)

Hope your birthday surprises you...
Anne said…
Happy happy birthday! May babies are the coolest. ;)

And hooray for ordering the BOR table -- I will stop by and say hello if I'm not too busy freaking out in the midst of my very first AWP!