14 May 2008


How on earth did that happen?

It's turning out to be not so crapulent, after all.

Thanks for your sweet notes, folks!


Frank (the Colt) said...

Happy Birthday. May your day be filled with laughter and gummy worms. I was going to buy you a Unicorn Tang, but you don't have a Salt water tank.

Leslie said...

Happy (and gummy) Birthday!! May it be the opposite of crapulent (is this cromulent?)! Anyway, I hope the birthday rocks

Jay Robinson said...

Worthington would like to extend cuddly birthday wishes to Mary as well. In your honor, he will don a second penguin get up on top on the one he's already wearing while clutching the visage of a unicorn.

Stephanie King said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I hope it is a fantastic day!

jeannine said...

Happy happy!

Justin Evans said...

Happy Birthday!

34 years is not so bad a place to be
when all is said and done. Gummi
Worms a plenty, until they're gone,
but from first bite to last
each is a joy.

No, 34 is not so bad, each year
stacked like the red-yellow-green
rings on an edible worm, each
giving way, devoured, savored.

34 years no time for real worms
to start burrowing into flesh,
these substitutes I now eat,
a reversal of the fortune waiting for me.

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