01 May 2008

May Day 08

Here's the view from my new office at the UA Press. For the sake of comparison, here's the view from my English department office. Why can't it be Spring all year long?

I just realized that there's really only one week between hectic grading for this semester, and the start of Summer I. The teaching five days a week thing wears on me. But at least it's only one class, and we're reading good stuff (Women Writers: assorted short stories, The Namesake, The Penelopiad, and Fragment of the Head of a Queen).

Tomorrow the graduation readings begin. I must steel myself so that it isn't one big tearfest. This is the hardest part of being a professor: letting them move on. Wah! I don't think any of my professors were sad to see me go.

In unrelated and non-maudlin news, I am 33 pages into a new book project that does not involve Saint Monica. I'm putting that project on the back burner and running with the project I've been cheating on Saint Monica with. I am already happy with the way it's looking. It will be finished by August, and in the mailbox of various presses this fall. Look out!

And finally, many, many thanks to Karen Rigby for her kind words about my poem over at Galatea Resurrects #9, in a review of the new Bedside Guide. What a nice surprise to stumble upon!


Jay Robinson said...

Dear Ms. Biddinger,

Perhaps you do not recall the massive melee of tears I shed at your departure from Bowling Green. We only met once, at a thift shop where I was trying on Santa suits for my next performance of Lear. But when you turned and walked out the door, your MFA in two, I wept in the changing room for two weeks straight.


Sir Robert Worthington, honorary faculty member, Bowling Green.

Jay Robinson said...

That should say 'tow' not 'two.' Worthington has just fired his most recent professional proofreader.

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