21 August 2007

Hello, my drear

Here's the view from my office today, and actually it isn't raining in this picture. It's been nonstop showers lately, to the point that yesterday I had to drag the kids out in the damp to walk Rubi. Enough already! Of course, now all of my plants are thriving, just as the summer is coming to an end. All of my petunias--except for a couple--are toast, but the salvia are going nuts. I'll avoid the petunias next year.

Au sujet de avoidance, I sat down and read all of my newest poems the other day and realized I really need to cut down on concrete detail, especially brand names and other odd particulars. It's just TMI. I'm feeling lazy about revising some of them out of other poems, so I may just write something non-Monica next.

That is, once the syllabi are done.

Did you know that Kate Greenstreet and Jeannine Hall Gailey will both be visiting my classes this semester? I feel super lucky.

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