Today was the kind of weekend day that I wish I had more often. Got to hang out with my new surrealist landscaper (aka The Colt), rake some leaves, run around outside with kids and dog, shoot a few baskets, soak up a little sunlight. Now I still have a bit of time left over to chill.

Tomorrow my summer Women Writers class begins. I'm about ready to start teaching again. I like to be in that groove. Plus, I don't have many casual clothes. I have to go shopping one of these days, too. Have I mentioned how much I HATE shopping? Does anyone else hate shopping? I wish I could buy clothes online like I do for my kids. 18-24 months? Sold! Now let's get it in every color and submit order asap.

I am also ready to get back to writing at least one poem a week. Last week I was too overwhelmed. I'm going to write some poems inspired by the book above, Along the Ohio by photographer Andrew Borowiec. These photographs make me feel something every time I open the book. I want the book in the same room with me when I sleep. It's that good.


Jay Robinson said…
Worthington shops daily for outfits of various kinds in the shops of Vienna: unicorn visages, penguin outfits, etc. He would hire someone to do the work for him, but alas, Worthington likes to be in total control, especially when he performs Lear and Cordelia simultaneously.
My hatred of shopping is part of the reason I learned how to sew.
J. Newberry said…
Man, I wish I could manage a poem a week. I'm doing well when I manage a draft a month!
Leslie said…
I hate to shop. I went an entire year without buying a single article of clothing. Except from the goodwill. I pretended it was about the environment and conservation. It was about my loathing of shopping.
Amy said…
You can tell from my wardrobe that I hate shopping! I wish I were in your Women Writers class. Have post-partum depression post-graduation. When will you come to lunch with me?