07 June 2008


It's so hot here in Akron, people are starting to built trains out of ears of corn. They were 6 for $2. What can I say?

Right now one of my heaviest cats is laying in my crappy desk jet printer. I can hear the printer creaking under her. She declines my suggestions to move elsewhere.

Today I graded a stack of papers in a laundromat, whilst washing some big stuff that wouldn't fit in my machine at home. I wonder why it's so easy to grade with total distractions, but none that really interest me, when it's so difficult to grade without distractions, or with fun ones.

We are getting some really good stuff for BOR. Like, gasp when you open it type stuff. I was thinking we'd hold off on acceptances for a few weeks, but I'm getting antsy. Will keep you posted.

Steel Toe Books is now taking submissions!

I finally went out and shopped this week, and it wasn't that bad. My philosophy is to do it really fast. That way it's over, and then you just have to figure out where to hang stuff.

I have a new submission brewing (as well as that new book ms). As soon as the next two weeks are over, I'm going to kick it into high gear.


Mella said...

Hi Mary,

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll - I'm flattered.

Any idea when that heat is going to be leaving OH? I'm heading out that way next week and would really like a break from it myself (we're sweltering here in New England as well.)

Penultimatina said...

Melanie, after Tuesday it's "only" going to be in the 80s. *sigh*

I was hoping to get the kids outside today, but not in 90+ weather.

Hope y'all are staying cool!

Talia said...

My cat likes to sleep in the bathroom sink when it gets hot like this. When he was smaller he would sleep on the back of the toilet.

newzoopoet said...

I find it easiest to grade papers in really weird public spots...like cemeteries and train stations.

Jay Robinson said...

I'm with you, Mary, on the shopping (not that I shop all that much or have an actual philosophy of shopping). Get it over with as quickly as possible. Shopping feels like one of those bad distractions to me.

Karen J. Weyant said...

What a cute picture! :)

Marissa said...

Ummm, I think this corn train was the highlight of my day.

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