What rooms do when we aren't there to fill them.

I haven't confessed anything lately, so what better time than now?

CONFESSION: I really love abandoned spaces, whether it's an old barn with only a few boards standing, or the first floor of my own office building when classes are over.

I enjoy the hustle and the bustle, but sights like these always make me run back to my office and grab a camera. I imagine that none of this would be so compelling without the ubiquitous fluorescent lighting, which lends just the right eerie glow.

I am now officially finished with grading for Fall 2008. This is my last semester with a full courseload, until Fall 2012, when my three year term as director of the NEOMFA concludes. So I'm savoring this year's vacancies: the clusterfuck of desks in the hall, the door frames ripped out, the desolate student lounge.

Here are a few highlights from this afternoon.


Jay Robinson said…
What the hell are they doing to our door frames? Are we going sans doors next semester? Is that the Akron Advantage????
I like these pictures. I'm a fan of looking outside when no one is around and things are totally quiet.
Justin Evans said…
You said a naughty word.
Penultimatina said…
Justin: I do that sometimes!

Jay: We are getting swipecard security. The wave of the future! So now I don't need to go through all 36493 of my UA building keys when I'm entering after hours.

Frank: Thank you!
Catnapping said…
saturdays and sundays in industrial-zoned neighborhoods...

growing up in the military, with the exception of 2 different years, i lived on post/base. and the base proper was abandoned on the weekends. you'd think they'd be out there saving us from the commies 24/7, yeah?

but nope. it was dead. and i loved it that way. i would wander around, sit places i wasn't supposed to and would never be allowed to were anyone around.

and that's what i remember when i visit industrial areas...places that are incredibly noisy during the workweek...with big trucks and cranes, and giant monster machines...

not so much like your empty rooms...but i think there are similarities...

i think it's the intimacy. we're in a space usually crammed with energy...too much for a room or space to think. and we come along when it's quiet...and if a room can ponder, that's when it's doin' it.

when i'm sitting on a dock enjoying the sun...listening to the wind toy with an empty wrapper, i imagine that the building i'm leaning against is doin' that too.
Frank said…
That photo of the lecture hall is awesome. Nice shot!
Michael said…

There's an irony in my seeing this post this morning. I'm a big fan of baseball and I have a fascination with ballparks themselves.

This morning on the drive into Kansas City I passed the ballpark for the K.C. Royals. The ballpark like a horseshoe opens towards I-70. The lights above were shining down onto the field and a combination of the early morning (7:40AM) overcast sky and the snow falling, left a surreal feeling as the seats were all empty and visibility had an eerie dreamlike quality. It was lovely in its own massive void.