23 February 2009

Fine. I'll do it. Just this once.

20 poetry books that made me fall in love with poetry (or that made me continue loving it).

These are in no particular order.

You are Happy - Margaret Atwood
Collected Poems of Zbigniew Herbert - Zbigniew Herbert
Les Fleurs du Mal - Charles Baudelaire
The Cinnamon Peeler - Michael Ondaatje
Powers of Congress - Alice Fulton
Residencia en la tierra I & II - Pablo Neruda
In the House of Slaves - Evelyn Lau
Homage to the Lame Wolf - Selected poems of Vasko Popa
Bright Existence - Brenda Hillman
Rose - Li-Young Lee
Awake - Dorianne Laux
Nightmare Becomes Responsibility - Michael S. Harper
The Back Country - Gary Snyder
The Country Between Us - Carolyn Forche
Gathering the Tribes - Carolyn Forche
Trilogy - H.D.
Harmonium - Wallace Stevens
Ariel - Sylvia Plath
The Selected Poems of Federico Garcia Lorca - Federico Garcia Lorca
Fate - Ai

PS: I am very eclectic.


jeannine said...

Very similar to the one I would make :)

Penultimatina said...

Well then, consider yourself tagged, Jeannine. :)

Collin Kelley said...

Great list! Glad to see Atwood and Ondaatje on the list. They were on mine, too.

Rachel Mallino said...

I'm curious to find out if any of us girl (women? - that sounds so grown up and I hate growing up) poets were *not* inspired by Plath. If there is, I want to find that girl (erm, woman). I don't think she exists. If only Sylvia knew.

The Storialist said...

Yippee, Harmonium!!

A wonderfully fun list.

My word verification is "plathot" which translates roughly from the French into "The flat stage during which female poets find themselves forced into writing like Plath, often deriving from admiration and jealousy."

Leslie said...

Ummm, you might have found her, Rachel. I didn't read Plath until grad school. I don't know why. Maybe because I wasn't an English major as an undergrad. I have some weird holes in my education. For example, I never read Jane Austen until my late 20s.

Anonymous said...

The only one I am not familar with is 'Atwood' although I keep seeing her name mentioned around the 'blogs' so I guess it is high time I went and read her...
Impressive list though, you.

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