22 February 2009

This can only mean one thing.

The padded mailers have been purchased (after I dropped them all over the floor, and then dropped my purse, and then dropped the BOR I brought to size the envelopes with, oh my). Next week, Jay and I will be sending out contributor and subscriber copies. If you'd like to order one, here's the link. If you'd like a free sample first, check out the poems that we've linked to in the table of contents.

In other news, my website has been overhauled. Would you like to take a peek? I took a bunch of the photos on there, including the splash page pic, which I snapped while stopped at a railroad crossing in Cleveland.

As of this morning I can say with confidence that I am now entirely recovered from AWP. Onward!


B-Ho said...

"Hot Corners" = great title! xo, b

Karen J. Weyant said...

I like the new website!

P. J. said...

New subscriber! Everyone knows that issue 2 is always the most collectible.

Penultimatina said...

Thank you for your subscription! It's quite lovely---much nicer than the original #2.