10 February 2009

Hello, beautiful stranger.

Barn Owl Review #2 has arrived, and it's beautiful. Many thanks to all of the editors and contributors, and to the folks at Weave for hooking us up with the Mechling Bookbindery, which did a superb job with the printing.

Contributors who will be at AWP--please swing by Table 724, Hilton Chicago, Southwest Hall, lower level and get your copies. Fans and former contributors, please stop by and say hello, and check out our new issue. You can also order a copy here, and we'll ship it right after AWP, along with the contributor copies and current subscribers.

Thanks so much for supporting our independent mag!


Karen J. Weyant said...

Sorry I will miss you -- can't wait for my copy!!!

Talia said...

I love the new hairdo and profile pic! Very Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction

Robert said...

So awesome! Wish I could've been up there as well!

32poems.com said...

I hope it's okay if I use this BOR photo on my blog to help promo the issue. If not, please email me to let me know. deborah @ 32poems dot com.