11 February 2009

Progress report.

Delayed a bit in Cleveland Hopkins airport (with much AWP-bound company). Ate a bagel sandwich and got mayo on American Hybrid. So far that has only made it more enjoyable.

The folks who drove are almost there already. But I got to have a lazy morning and take my time packing. My suitcase only weighed 40 lbs--about 40 less than in the past. I'm hoping that I didn't forget something important.

Airports are much less loathsome when there's wifi. I sure wish somebody would go get me a diet coke, though. I'm feeling sleepy all of a sudden.


Bailey said...

I'll be honest. I very nearly snuck into the suitcase. Would have brought the weight up to 52#. Would that have caused additional fees?

John Gallaher said...

Ah, two great tastes that go great together.

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