25 March 2009

And somehow, magically, I'm supposed to be able to work on a day like this?

As a writer, do you ever feel too dreamy for the real world?

Do I? Why yes. I sure do. The worst is when I'm in a meeting and folks are discussing something that doesn't really relate to me. I just drift away. And then they reel me back.

Some people think it's hard to concentrate on a bright, sunny day. I'm the opposite of that.

It smelled like spring out there this morning. A welcome comfort during the most hectic time of the year.


P. J. said...

*groan*...It's like that here, too; and I don't even have a window in my office. Nap time hours are 3:30 to 5:00.

Penultimatina said...

I hear raindrops...

Lyle Daggett said...

Wet blowing snow today here in Minneapolis. More of the same, off and on, forecast for the next several days. Though we've had a couple of days this month that were somewhat springish.

I pretty much always feel too dreamy for the real world. A few years back I came up with the (potentially) perfect solution: start a business where I show up at the office every day and just write poems. And make the business successful enough to employ other poets too. So all we would have to do is show up and write poems.

I hasten to add, I haven't, er, worked out all the details yet... But still daydreaming. ;~)

M.J.Iuppa said...

Hey there!

Yes, yes. It's that mineral smell and the beginning of green and puddles and I've been working with
children K-4 and they're hilarious
and in the present tense, which is just the best. Their poems have been wonderful.

Here's a line from a Spring poem (kindergarten):

Spring sighs like a robin, exhausted from singing all day long.

They all sighed with heavy mouths and put their arms back as if they were dragging their wings.

So much fun hanging with them, so much better than my other realities.

Yea, I'm for a double dose of dreaming.

Outis IV said...

Well, the building looks as if it's crawled out of 1985 East Germany, if that is any consolation.

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