28 March 2009

Look what I made.

If only writing were this easy. Ignore completely. Kick the leaves away one day. Oh. Look at that.

Lately I've been too exhausted to write poems. By lately I mean in the past two weeks. I blame email. And these flowers. They are just far too excitable.


Maggie May said...

Email and blogging both can suck the poems right out of your marrow. But I've been on a streak lately...Spring is in the blood jet. :) Congrats on being the founder of BOR- What an awesome accomplishment!

SarahA said...

I know what you mean, but I guess (for me anyways)Poetry is like the seasons in a year, but they don't always correspond with the actual season. Does that make sense? If not just ignore me. I am just a crazy English Woman!

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