07 May 2009

Getting there.

I'm in a meeting all day today, and tomorrow at Children's since Ray is getting tubes in his ears for a third time. I've gotten a lot of grading done, though, and actually divided it up rather than going on a binge. The students did a great job on their revisions, and I spent a lot of time writing comments, so it was a good experience overall. Folks even came to pick their work up yesterday, so all that commentary won't end up in the recycling bin.

This is always such a strange time of year for me. Almost done, but not done. Almost my birthday, but not quite. Almost summer...you get the idea.

My goal for the summer is to finish my new new manuscript. I don't know what's wrong with me, but I only like what I'm currently working on. I've heard I'm not alone in this, but sometimes I wonder.

Right now it's so dark out that I'm not sure if it's super cloudy, or if the sun just isn't up yet. I think that's an accurate metaphor for how I feel.

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