01 May 2009

Poem in Your Pocket Day 2009: Akron Style

Here at the University of Akron, we take Poem in Your Pocket Day quite seriously. This year we decided to do an action project on campus, passing out poems to students on the penultimate day of classes for the semester.

First the students (from my Advanced Poetry Writing undergraduate class) handed in their chapbooks. Check out a few samples of their artistry.

In anticipation of Poem in Your Pocket Day I made up distribution packets for the students. You can't get much more handy than this.

Then we took it to the streets. Campus Police eagerly accepted the poems bestowed upon them by two students.

Jimmy and Zach with their packets, ready to fill pockets with poems.

Mike was especially enthusiastic.

Nick climbed a tree and read from Howl, in order to set the tone.

Then it started to rain. But that didn't damper our spirits one bit.

Who could forget the University of Akron Press offices? Not us. Designer extraordinaire Amy Freels gladly accepts a poem for her pocket on the eve of the Akron Poetry Prize reading period beginning.
Afterwards I brought the remaining poems to my faculty meeting. Despite the drizzle, it was a great day for all. The poem in my pocket: this one.


Kells said...

Love that guy in the tree reading Howl. That would have charmed me as an undergrad.

Justin Evans said...

Way to go, Mary!

Poetry month ended on a high note this year for me because I have two students who are about to graduate and came to me for advice about how to get serious about being writers. I was able to spend time with each, preaching the idea of reading anything and everything they could, and writing every day. I also talked about the realities of rejection, developing a thick skin, and being a part of the community of writers as opposed to sitting in the bleachers. I took out your book, and talked about how your poems mean something more because I have developed a dialogue with you.

I am happy to see you had fun, too.

John Gallaher said...

That WAS pretty serious!

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