23 July 2009

A whirlwind.

A new office doesn't feel like a new office to me until I set up the outgoing message on the voicemail. Or, rather, until I "administer personal greetings." This is one of many artifacts from my administrative days, which sometimes seem to have educated me more than eleven years of college. I performed some heroic feats with a paper cutter today, too. Oh how glorious.

Right now I'm in the midst of HR paperwork (for my assistant) and computer drive set-up (for me). Sometimes my first instinct with all of this is "Oh Crap!" but then I remember that I actually can do it. Talk to me in a week and I may feel differently.

Forgot to mention: I recorded the NEOMFA office outgoing message on the first try, without giggling. A first!

Great essay over here, at Gallaher's place, and here at Archambeau's.

Spending the rest of the afternoon catching up, writing lists, commenting on student poems, doing too many things at once.

I've started really liking hard copies of things. I wrote a bunch of contact info on sticky notes. I'm not sure what that says about the current state of the world.

Now 49 pages into my new manuscript, started in January. I'm just going to keep writing until the summer's done, and then start thinking about sequence. All of the poems are either out at journals or already picked up, including the one I wrote last night.

When you kick your own ass on a regular basis it stops feeling like a kick and more like a pat.

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Anonymous said...

I'm tempted to call, just to hear the voicemail message!

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