27 July 2009

At sea.

Feeling a bit like this fish lately. There's a comfortable (and stylish!) chair looming behind me, but I can't sit in it. I can only sit on the coral. Ouch. No thanks.

This is not a commentary on my office desk chairs, however. They are exceptionally pleasant and supportive, and not situated in a bed of gravel.

So far today time is creeping by. That's good. I have plenty to fill it with.


P. J. said...

You should submit "coralouch" as a new portmanteau word—coral plus couch with tones of ouch—a chair that makes one feel like they're sitting on gravel. I don't know to whom you can submit those things, however. I suppose to the likes of me. Send an SASE for reply. My turnaround time is approximately 2-4 months.

Valerie Loveland said...

Our fish recently had babies!

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