24 August 2009

So long.

You were a very strange summer, and now you're gone. Fall semester, here I come.


Nik said...

It has been a strange summer. I hope yours was good-strange and your semester is good, if also strange, too.

M.J.Iuppa said...

So true. It's been very unusual weather. Is this Erie? I just came from riding my bike along the lake (Ontario). I live very close to the State Park. I love the fact we're connected by the Great Lakes.

Yea, the Fall semester is just a step away.


Jesus Crisis said...

Great photo!

As Emily said:

To see the Summer Sky
Is Poetry, though never in a book it lie
True Poems flee.

Peter G said...

Great picture, Mary, and best wishes for the new semester!

Peter G

Permapoesis said...

more peg than text on a poet's site - i love that.

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