This morning I realized that today's summer poetry workshop class will be the last time I'm commenting on student poems (in class) until Spring 2010. This semester I'm only teaching International Poetry, a big-ish lecture class of grad + advanced undergrad students. The rest of my load will be administrative. I'm sure that I won't be luxuriating in spare time by any means, but I really like the idea of only having one class to think about. Rewriting the syllabus is another story. But a good story.

Today it's clear out and not insanely hot. It's like we had a mini-summer for a few days. That's all I need. Leaves are already turning on some of the trees.

Missed the meteor shower completely, but I can use my imagination.


Keith Wilson said…
I missed it too, but I think it was at 4 in the morning for us, wasn't it? That is way too early to do anything but sleep, if you're not being paid for it.
Penultimatina said…
Amen to that, Keith! :)
Brandi said…
Mary! Saw your twitter? about your chap! Wanted to say a big congrats! I've been watching that press with interest lately, looks like a good home!