13 October 2009

In the can.

Right now I have the rather unseemly feeling of someone who hasn't written a poem in longer than she would like to, and who probably has no time in the perceivable future to write that poem. It's kind of like when I try to get away with not washing my hair, since it looks just fine in the morning, but then ten minutes later it's abundantly clear that I will not get away with it after all.

Many people are holding conferences this week, since it's around midterm. So my work (editing, grading, reading) is often interrupted by fragments like Be sure to use some Purell or Take care now, Randy.

Perhaps I'm a little unsettled because Fall is usually my favorite season, but aside from getting a generous football fix, I've been missing out on the other things I like because it has been too cold. It feels like winter. My poor mums glare at me when I open the front door.

On the upside, I am getting used to using the camera in my new phone. I just don't know what to do about the flash. What's up with that? I imagine there's something called "settings" somewhere that can make it go away. I prefer to find my own light, thank you very much.


John Gallaher said...

Ah, the 10/13 coffee cups, where would we be without them?

Today Natalie made a pet out of a Band-Aid on our way walking home from school. "Bandy" she called it.

I realized at that moment I'd done or said nothign creative the whole day. It was a sad moment. I asked if I could share Bandy.

She said I could change it's litter box.

John Gallaher said...

That should be "nothing" and "its."


Keith Wilson said...

Fall is my favorite season too, but Winter is my second favorite season, so it being cold is not sad to me...

I think maybe I belong in Alaska.

Lyle Daggett said...

It's snowed here in Minneapolis twice so far this week. (Not much snow, and it's melting right away. But chillier than average for this time of year, something like 33 degrees when I got to work yesterday and today.)

Any mums still standing here are likely a little too stiff to glare at anything...

Those electronic gadgets with "settings" buried somewhere in the labyrinth drive me nuts. I mean -- I don't want to program my camera or my phone. If it's more complicated than point and click, it's got too much time on its hands.

Penultimatina said...

John, how many times did Bandy wake Natalie up last night? Or is it fully trained and all?