14 October 2009

No Swan So Fine

This morning when I walked into Olin Hall for whatever reason everyone around me was very small. The undergraduates I passed all looked like elementary school students. Perhaps I made the coffee extra strong today?

There aren't too many days that I lament, dang, I'd like to be in Buffalo right now, but today is one of them.

For the Ohio writers out there: Rubbertop Review is now taking submissions for its second issue. Check it out!

I think I am getting used to the new camera. My old one would've picked up more definition on the gorgeous bird above, however.

I'm hoping that today is relatively peaceful so that I can continue catching up and maybe get a little time to write tonight. My kids were extra difficult to get out of the house this morning (go get your shoes so I can help you put them on // [child gets shoes and throws them into bathtub] // you are driving me crazy // [child takes socks off and runs away]).

Hopefully that's not a metaphor.


Lyle Daggett said...

Actually, having lived through the '60's and '70's, I can tell you that it's a fairly common occurrence to walk into a building and find that everyone around you is very small. ("Remember what the Dormouse said -- Feed your head!")

They didn't call it "wonder bread" for nothing. :)

Penultimatina said...

I think that happened to me once in Ann Arbor in the 90s, too...


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