04 December 2009

The abyss.

What could be better than waiting for the exterminator, doing laundry, and grading final essays? Doing all of the above in a very cozy house, with snowflakes outside, and stuffed peppers for lunch. After a very fun but exhausting weekend with my kids, including cutting down our first live Christmas tree, sitting at home commenting on papers seems like a treat.

Or so I am telling myself. We'll see how I feel at 4 pm.

A lot of people are signing on for the 3 poems before 2010 challenge. Hooray! Maybe we can come up with some non-public way of sharing them.

I really want an English muffin, but I'm afraid that they are the official food of procrastination, so I may wait a little while.

A couple of new poems here.

This has not been a good semester for writing. I hope that all changes with 2010.

That's easy to type: 2010.

Perhaps it's an omen. A good one.


Justin Evans said...

Mary. I really thought "The Commodore" was/is fantastic. I know the feeling of being willing to give up all the poems you have ever written just to write another, but with poems like this one swimmong in your head, you really shouldn't worry. When your poems are this good, it's okay to wait for the right poem to cme along.

Penultimatina said...

Thank you, Justin!

Valerie Loveland said...

I especially liked the Simplicity Pattern poem. Of course, I had to look up the pattern.

Stephanie Kartalopoulos said...

I might sign up for that 3 before 2010 challenge...or, rather, I WILL, but I won't vamoose on that promise until after portfolio and seminar paper are handed in next Monday.

Your day sounds amazing. Really really.

Suzanne said...

LOVED these poems, Mary, makes me want to read me more. I say you double your three poem goal!

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