09 December 2009

On goals.

I am minutes away from beginning the third stretch of my Fall 09 Grading Challenge Extravaganza, wherein I behave like a logical person and divide my grading up and eschew past practices involving grading marathons (two papers, an exam, and a final grade all in one sitting? Bring it on!) and mass consumption of gummi worms to accomplish the latter. In a way, I'd rather do the marathon, both for the pain of charging through and the glory of reaching the finish line. However, this new way is probably best for all parties involved.

I am looking forward to a lighter work load next week, and some writing, at long last. I've been pretty much sequestered this week due to grading.

I've noticed that I haven't been setting too many goals for myself, aside from the 3 poems before 2010 and the Grading Challenge Extravaganza. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I wish I set some arbitrary (read: easy) goals once in a while. Maybe I will get to that when the grading is done.

Anyone out there particularly pro (or anti) goal-setting? I need to post this in order to meet my goal of beginning grading at 9 am. Thirty seconds left...


Suzanne said...

My current goal is to feed my 'muse' as much as possible so I can hit the ground running next September when my daughter starts Kindergarten. I'm also taking notes for a new project I'm mulling. I'm not too big on goal setting, but sometimes these tasks are what I need to keep going.

Penultimatina said...

I like the distinction between tasks and goals. And I can't believe your daughter is starting K soon. Where did the time go? (Though Ray only has one more year before K...yikes).

ejcolen said...

I end every evening with a post-it note. On the left are goals for the week (submit xnumber of things! revise 30 pages of novel! call grandpa!) , and also the absolutes (clean cat box, buy groceries). On the right, an hour-by-hour plan of the coming day. Note becomes my bookmark, and is written anew every evening with more goals, hopefully some subtracted, and a new OCD attempt at ordering the next day.

Being ambitious, I must write very small.