16 December 2009

Contortionists on parade.

Just look at the ridiculous Bacchanal that I witnessed this morning upon entering Olin Hall. I don't think any of these positions are in the कामसूत्र. Well, maybe a few. But: oh desks! Do you have to execute these deeds en masse, and in the hall?

At least I don't have to clean the floors afterwards.

I just officially finished my last rec letters of the decade (I am still pretending that the decade is over, even if it really isn't...I'm not numbers smart enough to understand why). Celebration involved eating a pile of cherry Hershey kisses that Jana brought to work because she is awesome.

I have all of my out of town Christmas shopping done. It's a lot easier to do when you're broke and downsizing! Now I have the really fun shopping left to do.

Right about now I would typically begin having a nervous breakdown, knowing that I will be home with the kids for several weeks, but I'm not. I am already planning a full course of activities, both indoor and outdoor, to keep us amused indefinitely. None of these activities involve me locking myself in a closet and screaming, but there will be some messy art.

It just dawned on me how to put up mini-clotheslines in our new basement art space so that we can display a bunch of creations without having to tape them to the ugly paneling. And our art table seats TEN. So all the cats can participate as well.

I've had this intense nesting urge lately, which results in some positive behaviors such as wanting to clean, putting laundry on hangers immediately after removing from dryer, and scoping things out for future projects. If we get bored over break, we are planning to remove half of the roof and add two new rooms to the upstairs. I already have the blueprints--they're hanging in the basement!

In non-fluff news, I have now written four poems before 2010. I am writing a poem a day this week. One of the poems I really liked. I also need to find where I put my sequenced ms, and after that, to format it into a pdf and send it to one of the two places I am sending it this year.

Yesterday we had micro-snow, like the frozen version of drizzle. It was teensy. I couldn't photograph it, but believe me, it was there.


Brittany said...

"And our art table seats TEN. So all the cats can participate as well."

I CRACKED UP when I read this! I can just see all of your cats listening to you as you give instructions regarding finger-painting & play-doh.

Penultimatina said...

They certainly are not shy, that's for sure. ;) Though I don't know how catfighting and art go together.

lashondseim said...


Scott-san said...

Weren't you going to blog the "Big Mess" . . . the process you use(d) to assemble your ms? Did I miss it?

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