18 December 2009

Hold the bacon, please.

I hope everyone has survived the Great BlackBerry Outage of 2009 yesterday. I thought it was just me. I blamed myself for going to Wadsworth. I couldn't get a signal there for a second, and I thought that made all of the email stop. I really believe, however, that it was just a funny bit of Saturnalia tomfoolery.

It wouldn't have been so funny if I had been actually working, of course.

My winter break is on the cusp of officially starting! I am making Mexican food for dinner tonight, to celebrate.

Maybe some time next week I can sneak over here to clean up this office. It's starting to look like a shithole again, and that's no way to begin the New Year.

Are you thinking about the New Year?


(Now that's emphatic.)

I almost finished my Christmas shopping yesterday. For some bizarre reason, shopping was really fun, for the first time ever.

I was doing well writing a poem a day, but now things are getting busy, and I'll have the kids home from this weekend forward. At least I hit the goal, though. I am happy about that.

And sleep! No more 5:30 wake-ups for a while. Glorious.


Jay Robinson said...

Yeah, I thought it was just me too! Then I received 18 emails at once....

Matthew Thorburn said...

Enjoy your break, MB (and the Mexican food!). And thanks for the writing challenge -- I wrote my three poems for the end of the year, plus a very special bonus poem inspired by John Gallaher. Still revising, but they are here on the page, which is a great feeling to mix into the general holiday craziness.

Lyle Daggett said...

So far I've just finished one new poem since the discussion of this first started here (end of decade or not), though the one poem will likely be around 9 or 10 pages when I get around to typing it, so maybe I get extra credit.

(My poems tend to average a page and a half or two pages in length. A few years ago when I caved in and got a computer at home, and started typing my poems on MS Word, I found that the poems take more room, more pages, typed with MS word than they did typed on the portable manual typewriter I'd used for more than 30 years.)

(I understand one of the compelling arguments for letting computers take over our lives is that they'll result in our using less paper. That's why whenever we want to really make sure something is saved securely, we print it out on paper.)

Word Verification is "trashem". I think I'll skip the advice in this case... ;~)

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