10 December 2009

A wrap.

Moments ago I just finished entering my Fall 09 grades. Of course I still have rec letters to write, and almost all of my Christmas shopping left to do, and many other miscellaneous things, but I am very happy to be done with grading. Even with a mandate to make attendance policies more flexible this semester (due to swine flu) my students still came to class and participated like crazy and wrote riveting papers, and aced the final on top of it. I only taught one class this semester, and I am so happy it was a good one.

Here are some pictures of what's going on in Akron today. It's ultra cold. Good weather for hibernating. I just might try that.

I wrote a poem last night. Perhaps I'll try to exceed the "three before 2010" goal.


Justin Evans said...

Congrats on getting the grading over and done with. My high school's semester doesn't end until after the Christmas break. We have all but finished our shopping, and surprisingly, I have written two drafts of poems in the last two days. Weird.

Get the shopping done, hole up in your house, do a little writing, and wait out the year in comfort with the family. If I was a Dr., those would be my Dr.'s orders.

jeannine said...

Your three poem goal was a good one - I've adopted it too! Then, if you write more than three, you can be all: "Look, I've exceeded my goals!"

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