27 April 2010

Slow ride.

Here comes the end of the semester. My office has reached critical mess stage, and all I can think about is the recycling-fest that will take place once everything's graded and handed back and/or filed. I'm teaching an undergrad poetry workshop in Summer I, so after the recycling-fest I will start generating more piles of paper in my Olin Hall office. I will simultaneously be cultivating an ever-growing stack of poetry manuscripts in my UA Press office. Did you know that the Akron Poetry Prize reading period begins this Saturday, May first? Guidelines are here. I'm super excited that GC Waldrep is judging this time around.

I just finished commenting on my last "regular" batch of student poems for the semester. Now it's all chapbooks, and a few papers here and there.

This is always such a strange time of year.

For the next three semesters (summer, fall, spring) I am teaching nothing but creative writing workshops. I think I may need to mix it up a bit and try some new tricks.


Lyle Daggett said...

I suggest holding some of your Creative Writing class sessions outdoors, when weather permits.

First thing I thought of when you said about mixing it up a bit and trying some new tricks... For what it's worth. :)

P. J. said...

I suggest a day where you mime your favorite poem.

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