02 May 2010

At home.

Today I'm working on an odious administrative task while simultaneously laundering (albeit with lengthy gaps between cycles) and housecleaning (barely) and ironing (forthcoming). It occurs to me that I have spent more time in my house over the past year than I ever did in years previous. Sometimes I just look around at the house and marvel at the fact that it's mine. I wish the weeds and overgrown-ness belonged to someone else, though. On Friday I took a forsythia down to half its size, and it still seemed leggy. I think the yard will just require regular attention and a bit of obsession. I did clear out a bed in the back that had been so overgrown I almost expected to find dinosaur skeletons. I had many The Secret Garden moments.

My derby horse was Dean's Kitten. It did not win, but it still has the word "kitten" in its name.

I have a little interview over at Fringe.

Grading marathon in the cards for this week. Bring on the gummi worms.


Sandy Longhorn said...

Ah, gummi worms...I'm a fan of Swedish fish for grading stamina.
Good luck!

Doreen McGettigan said...

Nothing inspires me to write more than a couple hours of yard work..ughh
I go with the swedish fish also!

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