26 July 2010

Day one.

Day one is not representative of the entire three-week pocation. I never want to think about percentages of time spent cleaning versus percentages of time spent reading and writing. The cleaning always wins, especially when the pocator can't get anything done in a messy house.

So I cleaned the shit out of this place today. And it feels pretty awesome. I am trying to eat mostly things that grow in the ground, and their near relatives, and serendipitously our neighbors gave us a lovely bag of home-grown produce today. This has totally changed my meal plans for the week, but not in a way that involves eating goldfish crackers (do not grow in the ground) or granola bars (ditto), so this is good.

Raymond is learning how to ride a bike. He's a little off today and ended up "getting injured," as he called it. He wanted me to write the below on his band-aid. How could I resist?

This is all the writing I did today. Tomorrow will be better.

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Bill said...

This could very easily be the best photo ever.

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