21 July 2010

Eras and their ends.

I'm moving out. We all are. So long, Bierce Library. The UA Press will now be moving to Quaker Square. I will have an office with a big, scary button on the wall. They tell me it is no longer functional, but maybe if I push it hard enough.

In light of my looming po-cation, today I had to clean out the Press office I inherited from Elton Glaser years ago. It was kind of sad. I was surprised at how quickly we stripped it down.

I left a matchbook in the desk drawer. Elton left it there, and it didn't seem to want to be disturbed. I took several note pads from bookstores that no longer exist, which I also inherited from Elton. See above re: kind of sad.

But I have a bunch of really tasty cherries, so life is still good.

Not sure what this po-cation is going to be like. Earlier in the week I was thinking I might chicken out and maybe not do it. But now I am all for it. Perhaps it's time to make a list. At least a list of books I plan to read.

Oh, and go check out my little interview at The Collagist. Unless you're too busy eating cherries.


SA Livingston said...

Very cool interview! Interesting discussion about your creative process, especially the pictures. Love the poem, and I'm really looking forward to hearing about the progress of your po-cation!

Penultimatina said...

Sarah! I just blogrolled you. Highfive! :)

SA Livingston said...

OMG I've been blogrolled! Cool :)

Lyle Daggett said...

Quaker Square: immediately I see in my mind the gray-haired man on the box of oatmeal. Though guessing the Quaker Square you're talking about maybe evokes in some other direction.

In the interview, your comments about taking photos reminded me of one of my early poetry teachers, poet John Caddy, who some years back suffered a stroke that, among other things, has affected his short term memory, so these days when he encounters something in the world that seems like the spark or inkling of a poem, he often will take a photo of it, to go back to later to reconnect with the memory which may have gone fugitive.

John Caddy's website is Morning Earth, if you're curious and care to take a look.

Word verification is "blesslyt," so how could I not comment?

Richard Hellinga said...

Cool interview. And good luck with the po-cation; I'm sure it will be productive.

corporate library said...

How did you know about the cherries?

John Gallaher said...

But of course, you did leave the book flats in the window, right? Right?

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