03 September 2010

Final damage report.

One summer. 34 pages of poems. Most of them worth keeping. The ending of one project. Some scrambling. A revelation about a new project. Then realizing that maybe the new project should be a funny one, not quite so serious. All of a sudden: prose poems! I can write those. Then back to school. Ready to send poems out. Ready to stop picking on finished manuscript. Totally engulfed in editing The Monkey and the Wrench: Essays into Contemporary Poetics. Realizing that MLA format has really changed since I last needed to use it with seriousness.

Oh, and cleaning out my attic (literally and figuratively).

That's it in a nutshell.


Anna said...

Wow, your summer sounds amazingly productive! I feel as if the end of my summer was like that Thanksgiving dinner where everyone is picking at the jello waiting for the good stuff, the potatoes have been done for thirty minutes, someone forgot the crunchy onions for the green beans, and the turkey isn't quite cooked through yet. Your poetics book sounds interesting.

Michael said...

You sure know how to pack a nutshell :)

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