20 September 2010


Want to become invisible? Then find yourself a really big project. Then find yourself ten other big projects. At the same time, figure out what the hell it is you're doing in a book manuscript that you didn't realize was a book manuscript. Somewhere in all of this, spill tea on yourself. Repeat. Repeat.

That's all you have to do. Trust me. I'm doing it.

All I can think of is what on earth I'll do with all of my spare time once The Monkey and the Wrench: Essays into Contemporary Poetics is finally all done.

We have some spectacular new covers at the Press, by the way. I can't wait to show them to you. I will, promise.

Barn Owl Review is still taking submissions. Send us some poems, if you haven't already.

PS: Nic Sebastian reads my poem "Miniatures" over at Whale Sound. It's amazing!

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Justin Evans said...


You are anything but invisible. You are most certainly leaving a mark, and a big one at that.

Your first book and chapbook; your TWO unpublished manuscripts; The Monkey and the Wrench; the series of books you edit; your teaching---all point to someone who is going to be seen for quite some time.

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