15 October 2010


Oh, fall. You are so damn funny. I found all of those leaves you left out. I hope you don't mind that I blew them onto the devil strip. I'm sure you'll make more.

Do they say that no two leaves are alike, or is that just for snowflakes? I suppose no two falls are alike, either. If I had to name this fall I'd call it The Runaway Fall. Because here we are, going into week fucking nine, and I'm just like, "huh?" The Forgotten Fall. The Fallen Fall. The Fall O' the Whoops it's Fall. The Unfall.

I have spent almost all of my time on The Monkey and the Wrench.

New poems? No.

Will this stop soon? I really hope so. I feel all dirty when I don't write poems. And not in a good way.

This weekend has been designated for lazy. Let's see how it turns out.

PS: Monkeys and wrenches not included.


Eric Alder said...

Maybe you can call it "Fail" instead of "Fall"? Or "Fell"?

Yes, no two leaves are exactly alike, but often there are just too darned many and it's hard to see the individuals in the piles.

(Kind of like people)

Nancy Devine said...

devil strip certainly beats berm and boulevard, which is what we call that place in these parts.

ralph pennel said...

great photo mary. your blog is looking much more organic theses days. fleshy.

Lyle Daggett said...

Leaves are made up of organic molecules, which by nature tend to be pretty complex. So it stands to reason that each leaf would be unique.

Snowflakes are chemically a lot simpler -- basically just frozen water vapor -- with the only difference from one flake to another being the crystal structure it freezes into. So, in that sense, the uniqueness of snowflakes might be less likely, and so more miraculous, than the uniqueness of leaves.

Not intending anything against leaves by this...

Word verification is "rewart." Personally, I feel that writing poetry is its own rewart.

Sandy Longhorn said...

Mary, I've been kept away from writing by other poetry world business, and I feel a little dirty, too. Here's hoping we both get back to it soon!

Penultimatina said...

Thank you all!

Here's to a happy and productive fall (before it slips away...)

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