11 October 2010

Runaway horizon eats everything in sight.

I wish I could take better pictures of the night. But it's uncooperative. Sometimes I feel like all I ever do is take pictures of the night, or try to take pictures of the night.

A few very busy weeks. Falling behind on: everything.

I've realized how much I need at least one day per week for work only, without meetings, appointments, and such.

In less cranky news:

a) My head is tingling from the latte I am drinking. That is a really good sign.

b) My co-editor John has posted a sneak peek of our new book over here. People are pre-ordering it on Amazon, and everything.

c) My Yurt Master poem was up a while back.

d) I have some things to say about poetry. But just not now, or here.


Jeannine said...

I for one would be very interested to read your thoughts on poetry!

Eric Alder said...

Hello, Mary! I just stumbled across your blog (via Next Blog) and was pleasantly surprised to find another poetry-inspired blogger.

I follow a few poetry blogs that you might find interesting...

The first is One Stop Poetry where, among other features, they have "One Shot Poetry Wednesdays" - an open forum for people to post their work.

The second are the nice folks at The Poetry Bus who have just published their first poetry magazine featuring online poets (such as yourself).

Finally (but hardly last) there is Jingle Poetry. Jingle is a very active poetry blogger who (among her many activities) has a weekly poet spotlight feature.

There are a lot of people/poets gathering at these three spots - a great way to get traffic for your own blog. I hope you'll join in!

32poems.com said...

I would also like to take better night photos. Sigh, it's not to be...Deb at 32 Poems

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