21 December 2010


So I'm not working right now, but somehow my time is totally eaten up anyway. And I had all of these grandiose plans, right? Every junk drawer in the house organized, etc. And none of it is happening. Getting some things done in tiny increments between pulling cats out of boxes and agonizing about assembling certain items that will need to be assembled before 7:00 am on Saturday. My kids are home for Christmas this year, so I am far less sulky than I would be otherwise. And there are really good things afoot, you know? I am realizing this was a very good year. I don't have any writing goals right now, but I'm not aware of it enough to be inspired or concerned. I do want to send more poems out. I need to write them first. Such a dilemma.

My biggest problem may be not knowing what day it is. What day is it? What year is it, for that matter? It's pretty cold out there, but I've got wool, so everything should be just fine.

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P. J. said...

I've been off since last Friday and have so far found no time to read even one comic book, and my list of errands will continue until Christmas Eve. And I have no idea what day today is, either. I thought it was Wednesday, perhaps Monday, but I guess it's Tuesday according to tonight's t.v. line-up and the looming deadline for posting grades.

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