18 December 2010

Where you won't find me.

1. In this--or any other--Toys "R" Us store.

2. In my office. Either office. Any of the three offices.

3. On the answering-end of any email regarding: the letter of recommendation you meant to ask me for, but didn't until now, and it's due in 10 hours; cialis, viagra, etc; administrative questions about any of the entities I am involved with; special offers for gifts that keep on giving; the mysterious funds I have inherited; random rants and whinges; etc.

4. Baking cookies. You can buy them already baked!

5. Taking advantage of Super Saturday sales.

6. On a vacation getaway. This vacation is figurative, not literal. We are not taking a cruise to Mackinac Island, or similar.

I'm on winter break until January. I will be spending my time working on BOR 4, attending various CYO basketball games, scraping Play Doh out of hardwood floors, and loafing.

Although Snowtastrophe 2010 shut down school for two days, it was nothing at all like this. We have maybe four inches out there right now. It'll be a white Christmas. I am hoping for some big-ass flakes (and not terribly brutal temps) for when I prove my insanity and devotion at the Browns game on 12/26.

That's all from Akron as of now.


Sandy Longhorn said...

Enjoy your break! You deserve it!

Name: Matthew Guenette said...

just had my first toys-r-us x-mas shopping experience. there's a word for it, and this is the word:


Matthew Thorburn said...

Enjoy your holiday break, MB!

And I love these words of wisdom: "Baking cookies. You can buy them already baked!"

Here's wishing you a great 2011!


Penultimatina said...

Thank you, my friends! :)

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