26 December 2010


I'm not sure how I feel about the winter. I mean, I know I don't like it. But sometimes I think that's because it's inconvenient, and it makes things difficult. I would really miss it if I didn't have it. I've been feeling (already) pretty revved up for the new year. I always like New Year's because it helps me organize a lot of abstractions. I'm kind of at this mini-crossroads right now deciding whether I will solidify the ms I've been working on and send it out, or if I will chill for a bit longer instead. Just looking at all of those deadlines has me a little riled. I need to give this some serious thought.

I am taking a real break from my university work. I thought it would be difficult. Ha ha. We had an awesome Christmas, and I am ashamed to admit that one of the (silly) highlights was having the house to myself for a few hours in the evening, wherein I cleaned the shit out of the place and put everything away. Almost everything. But now I have a clean house, and some good things to look forward to, including not waking up early to get my daughter to school for another week.

So I guess if you have to have a winter, you should be thankful for having one like this.

Even if the Browns did not win, and your cheeks are all red from the cold.

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