31 December 2010

[Re]calculating route.

Yeah, so I had very cleverly, in my mind, named this The Year of the Lung, because everyone in Northeast Ohio quit smoking this year, and then I got my ass kicked by pneumonia. However, this week's bout of family stomach flu has made me think of this year in general health terms, not just lung-terms, so I'll be all 1980's confessional-ish and call it The Year of the Body. Or not. Anyway, 2010, it had some good stuff, and it had some bad stuff. Exactly what the sages predicted!

One of the ways that 2011 will be different: I now have a real, legit GPS for my car. No more faulty Google maps, shitty Blackberry GPS telling me to drive into buildings in Pittsburgh, finding myself lost on country roads that look exactly like country roads in other states in other decades. And so on. The only other time I've been in the presence of such a fine GPS device was when driving to New York with Jeannine. So of course I was instantly terrified. What if I broke it by looking at it? What if it yelled at me in some Southie accent? Drove me down a ravine?

But it's my friend, and I think it's going to really keep me on track. The only thing that makes me uncomfortable is that it's all grassy on the GPS, and here we have snow. But it's melting, so that takes care of that. And what will terrify me now? What will be my new reason for white-knuckling all the way to ___?

I think my only real resolution is to try to be healthier. I found out this year that while I can survive on 5 hours of sleep and diet pepsi and granola bars, maybe I shouldn't. It's really hard to get everything done when not healthy.

Kids off to their dad's in an hour and fifteen minutes (not that I'm counting, of course), then a cozy dinner for two who have survived 2010 and look forward to not getting lost on the way to 2011.


Sandy Longhorn said...

Love the naming of the year! Also, you rose a bit more in my esteem b/c you drink Diet Pepsi and not that inferior southern competitor...which surrounds me down here in Dixie. :)

May 2011 be the Year of Mary B!

Penultimatina said...

You are a girl after my own heart, Sandy. Here's to Pepsi, and 2011, and retro starlets!

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