05 January 2011

And then everything was pretty much the same...

...only, you know, emptier.

I feel like it's a little wrong for me to like this photo so much. I took it, after all. That's gross. But the parking lot is the real star.

So back on the chain gang, and all that. I succeeded in not doing work over break, for the most part, aside from BOR work. Hence, I had many nasty little tidbits awaiting me when I returned to my office(s) this week. Today I had some uninterrupted hours to get things done, and actually felt as if I managed time effectively.

Now, to add writing poem to that time management.

My shoulders hurt and I don't have very many ideas in my head.

I have a lot of projects right now. But The Monkey and the Wrench is alive (and almost officially on shelves), and BOR 4 is in pages, and we have a really kickass new interview with David Dodd Lee over on BOR Online, thanks to Nick Sturm. Now that I've progressed my web design skills past 1999, we'll have a lot more content rocking over there at BOR.

So that's 2011 so far, in a nutshell. I imagine next week it will get a bit more hectic.

For now, I will just enjoy the cracks in the parking lot.

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