21 February 2011

Just like [ ].

I'm destined to be confused all week, but in a good way. Kid out of school today, but university closed tomorrow (good news for those of us who teach on Tuesdays, since we actually get a day off). That means no night class, and an extra week to hang out with student poems and the two books we'll be discussing: Money for Sunsets by Elizabeth Colen and Destruction Myth by Mathias Svalina.

One of my favorite parts of discussing single-author poetry books is the day when everyone (hopefully...) brings the book to class, and you get to see the vast sea of lovely covers flooding the entire classroom. It makes me so happy.

Snowing like crazy out there. What the heck. Goodbye hint of green lawn. Yesterday I (optimistically) put out our "Welcome Spring" garden flag, and observed some daffodils growing around the foundation of the house. This morning the flag was stiff with ice and snow. It crunched like a potato chip when I unfurled it.

The daffodils should be tough enough to hack it.

In happier news, I read my new poems last night and I think people rather liked them. They were so much fun to read. I feel like a traitor sometimes because I always want to read my very newest poems and not my hits and dusties.

In the update department: Submishmash is even awesomer when you get an acceptance. Yeah!

I am trying to get back to writing formal, disposable daily to-do lists. I have a few items left for today, so will now sign off. Hope I don't need to add major snow removal to the list.

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