25 February 2011

When snow calls all the shots [and all the shots are bad].

I was born in California, but didn't live there so long that it made me less snow-worthy. I'm pretty much a die hard Midwesterner now. But nature, what the fuck? We're snowed in again here in Akron, Ohio. The kids had a snow day on Tuesday, and everything (universities included) is closed today. Add to that the fact that Monday was a holiday, and I have two sick children who were out of school the days that we didn't have a snowtastrophe, and you get the strangest, least productive week ever on earth, I fear.

I had such ambitious hopes for this week! Working on sequencing my new manuscript. Writing poems. Reading (for work, and for fun). Annotating student poems in a leisurely fashion. But instead I've had kids coughing, puking, whining, thankfully not fighting because too sick, waking up at night, crying, making extravagant demands, etc. I did manage to teach my one class of the week and make it to my meeting, but shortly after I had to speed home to the infirmary.

So no new poems, no gym, no catching up (though I did get more sleep than usual, which is always welcome), very little reading, but you know what? So far I am not sick. I'm not sick! And that makes this all sort of okay. I also thought ahead and brought my student poems home with me, so hopefully I will be able to do some work. I need to learn how to annotate while being pestered.

Hoping the kids' strep tests come out negative, and that it stops snowing eventually. People looked at me like a lunatic yesterday when I was frantically filling my grocery cart, but I am rather glad I stocked up while I could.

Could this please be the last major storm of the winter?


Pictured above, this year's incarnation of the wind chime icicle.


Sandy Longhorn said...

Oh dear! Hang in there. Spring has got to arrive at some point!

Hope the kids are feeling better soon.

Radish King said...

We have snow in Seattle too. And also Barn Owl Review and both are beautiful but one is more fun to have inside the house. YAY!

Lyle Daggett said...

I second that. (13 inches of the stuff here this past Monday.) Snow is no stranger here on the tundra, but this has been a rough winter, and climbing snowbanks on the way to the bus stop in the morning has worn off its novelty. I want thaw.

Word verification is "birdside." WV apparently wants it to be spring also.

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