10 July 2011

X (literally) marks the pedwalk.

I hereby mark this as yet another super-fun summer weekend. It was so cool seeing Saint Monica on the shelves of Visible Voice books, and for the first time I read out of the actual, physical book. Many thanks to Black Lawrence Press for getting me the luxurious "natural" colored paper for the book, which is a lifesaver because I sometimes have migraine with aura, and the color is so much easier on the eye/brain. Big ups to my co-readers, Eric Morris and Aleathia Drehmer, and to the Free Union Reading Series.

In other news, I am the featured poet at Anti- right now. Would you care to take a peek? These poems are pretty darn new. I have more to send out into the world, once I get a little more organized.

I have indeed been writing new poems, by the way. 5 pages, 1,203 words. I'm not especially in love with any of them, but I am rather glad they are here.

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